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Tips to Prepare You for Your Headshot

August 24, 2021

If you’re reading this, you may be a pro at having headshots taken or you may be wondering how to prepare; or you may be a photographer looking for help. Here are tips to prepare you for your headshot, which both a headshot subject and headshot photographer could find useful. Clothing Avoid logos, words, or […]

First and Possibly Only Headshot Day | Bang Images

August 22, 2021

Hey, hey, hey! I’m hosting my first and possibly only Headshot Day! The idea of photographing headshots used to make me cringe, but that’s probably because I was thinking of the traditional, stiff, headshots, set-up with a lackluster backdrop, and a flashing strobe. I shied away too because of the posed nature of headshots. I […]

Client Tips for Great Photo Sessions | Bang Images

August 17, 2021

Reading client tips for great photo sessions can be more effective than reading my advice as a photographer. Benefit from someone who’s had the experience of being photographed; it’s the same reason we love Amazon reviews, we want to know how real people feel about a product, in this case, a photo session. I’ve collected […]

Family Photo Session Tips | Bang Images

July 9, 2021

I’m a portrait photographer. I took my first photography class in college 25 years ago. I’ve been photographing families for fun a lot longer than I’ve been photographing them professionally, but I can safely say that I’m well into my second decade of documenting families. It seems fitting as we approach the busy fall photo […]

5 Red Flags to Be Aware of When Hiring a Photographer

April 29, 2021

Have you seen any of those traumatizing viral stories about ruined events because the wrong people were hired? Photographers are meant to create lifetime mementos, which is why you have to pick the best. We’ve compiled a list of the red flags to be aware of when hiring a photographer to save you money and […]

20+ Engaging Blog Post Ideas for Photographers | Bang Images

March 31, 2021

  1. YOUR INTRODUCTION This can be as personal as you want it to be. You can share how you became interested in photography, how long you’ve been a photographer, and what keeps you motivated to continue learning and growing as a photographer. You should include the city and state you live in and the […]

Places to Take Pictures, Birmingham, AL / Alabama Photographer

March 15, 2021

One of the first questions I ask when booking a session with a client is, “Are you interested in a natural or city setting?” Most people seem to want a natural setting, but I think that’s beginning to change as the beautiful city of Birmingham is revitalized more each year. We have many murals and […]

6 Tips When Booking Your Birmingham Photographer

March 1, 2021

So you’ve decided to hire a photographer? That’s awesome! Whether you need a professional photographer to document your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party, or you need someone to photograph your graduating senior, or you want to hire a family photographer; read ahead for 6 tips when booking your Birmingham photographer! 1. Editing Style Editing Become […]

Why I Loathe Family Mini-Sessions / Birmingham Photographer

February 24, 2021

That’s right. I said it. I loathe family mini-sessions. Have I offered them before? Yes. Will I again? Probably not. I don’t like to say “never” about anything; I try not to speak in absolutes. In short, mini-sessions cramp my style-particularly my photography style. They are too short to achieve the natural, story-telling images I […]

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