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Level One:
Portfolio Review

You will share your portfolio with me by sharing your website. This is a friendly critique of your work, not of the presentation of your website. If you do not have a website, Instagram or Dropbox may be used. Within one week, you will receive a typed review through email.


Level Two:
Website Review

You will share your website with me. I will provide you with a typed review through email within a week. 


Level Three:
Live Shoot with Model(s)

During the pandemic, this will be conducted outdoors at a safe distance from one another and our subject(s). I will provide an individual, a couple, or a family; this is your choice. You will be asked to provide the model(s) with ten jpeg files of your favorite images. You will be able to use images from the shoot in your portfolio.


Level Four:
All Inclusive


I hired Bang Images to teach me things I need to know about the business side of photography. She was so thorough and helpful; I highly recommend hiring her for mentorship sessions! -
Aly, Birmingham photographer

This includes all levels offered: portfolio review, website review, and the live shoot with model(s).  



On many occasions, I've had photographers message me to ask for help in finding a location, or with questions about a camera or lens, or what to do in a particular lighting situation, or how to lead a portrait session. I realized after answering many of these questions that I'm prepared to add another aspect to my business. These things helped me reach a decision I'm pretty excited about! I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in photography, and I also have a teaching degree with fifteen years teaching experience. Not only that, but I have been practicing photography for over twenty-five years. I've had my own business since 2015. I really enjoy helping others! I think strong people empower strong people. It's also better to lift someone up than hold them back. I am happy to announce that I'm now offering mentoring sessions. You may choose one or a combination of mentoring levels. Level Four includes all levels.

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