July 31, 2018

FAQ-REAL Talk with an Alabama Photographer

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Bang Images was established in 2015 although many years of experience in photography led up to that date. I specialize in family photography, portraits, and weddings. Over the years I’ve been asked many questions. Here are some of the FAQ with a few photographs for visual interest.


  • Q: How long have you been a photographer?

  • A: I’ve owned cameras since I was a little girl. I used to take photos of my family and friends even in elementary school. I signed up for my first photography class in high school as a senior, but then I found out I could co-op out of school at noon because of my job and I had to change my schedule in order to make it work. Friends, that was my senior year-I jumped at the chance to leave school three hours early, and had to drop photography. My interest in photography was definitely piqued though and I regretted the missed opportunity so I made sure I had it on my schedule in college. I fell hard after that first class and decided to get a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography! I also have an art education degree, so basically, I love art.


  • Q: What are your favorite locations for family photography and portrait sessions?

  • A: It really depends on the type of location you like. Some people want a city setting so we’ll meet in downtown Birmingham, sometimes in the Theater District or on Morris Avenue. There are so many possibilities in that area and I LOVE color so as you can imagine, the murals are a great backdrop. If you want a more natural setting, there are a few parks I like a lot. And if you’re feeling a little daring, I’ve been known to stop on the side of the road and venture out into a beautiful, sun-drenched field.


  • Q: Do you ever photograph at someone’s home?

  • A: Yes! That type of session is considered an At-Home Session. I really enjoy those. They’re generally more documentary than posed. Those sessions are great during really hot or cold months (but I’m happy to do them any time of the year) or if you have very young or old people in your family to be photographed. They’re also a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your home together, especially if you’ve just bought a home or are soon moving away and you want to have a visual record of your happy lives there.


  • Q: How do I know my images are safe?

  • A: When I get home after photographing you, I immediately upload your files onto my computer and then make a duplicate copy that’s saved onto an external hard drive, while keeping them on the cards they were originally recorded onto; that’s THREE places (in case you’re counting) that your images will be safely tucked away. After I cull and edit them, I upload the final jpeg images to Pixieset, an online hosting company.


  • Q: Do you keep every image you create?

  • A: I do not. I’m a notorious over-shooter. I will take more photos than we need. Trust me. I will cull the files before editing, meaning I will delete anything blurred; terribly over or under-exposed; photos of you making bizarre, unnatural faces, such as in mid-blink or sneeze; and duplicates.


  • Q: How would you describe your photography style?

  • A: Family photography is colorful, dramatic, honest, fun, and definitely more documentary style than posed. Portrait sessions are very similar, but sometimes a little moody- that art degree greatly influences me and there’s a liberal amount of posing during adult portrait sessions. Wedding photography follows suit and is a blend of a photojournalistic style (which involves little interruption) and posed images; overall you can expect more candid images than posed from your wedding day.


  • Q: Do you have a studio?

  • A: I don’t. I had a studio space for about a year. It proved to be unnecessary for me. I’m primarily an outdoor photographer. If you have the need for a studio session, I have several options for renting.


  • Q: Do you use lighting equipment?

  • A: I photograph mainly with available light. I do have flashes and a strobe if needed. The times I find myself turning to artificial light are in dimly lit environments. Since most of my photographs are created outdoors, there usually isn’t a need for setting up lighting equipment. There are times at weddings, such as during the formal, posed photograph portion of the day, that I will set up the equipment needed if shooting indoors. Often times though, my brides prefer photos to be taken outside.


  • Q: How long before we get to see our photos?

  • A: Family photography and portrait sessions take two weeks or less to edit. Weddings take about 8 weeks because of the number of images created.


  • Q: How many photos should I expect?

  • A: That really depends on the length of our photo session or the length of the wedding day. An hour of shooting a portrait session results in an average of 60 images. An hour of shooting a wedding produces closer to 75 images.


  • Q: How will I see my photos?

  • A: After culling and editing with love, I will create a gallery for you. It will be password-protected and you will be sent a link through email. You’ll be able to share your password with anyone you’d like to have access to your gallery. If you have purchased digital files, there will be options for downloading directly through the site. AND you will be able to share images to social media through the site; they’ll even be resized and a photographer’s credit will be attached. Easy peasy!


  • Q: How many weddings have you photographed?

  • A: Before BANG Images was established, I acted as a second shooter for Birmingham wedding photographers. I love assisting so much that I’ve continued to do so. I estimate I’ve photographed about 50 weddings.


  • Q: If you could have any job, what would it be?

  • A: This very thing- beautiful, emotional, story rich PHOTOGRAPHY. Not a doubt in my mind. I truly feel like I’m living my best life.



These are probably the most frequently asked questions. There are others, but I’ll save those for another blog post.

I know very well how important your time is and this post is long enough!

Please contact jennifer@bangimages.com to schedule your family photo session, engagement session, individual portrait session, senior session, or consultation for your wedding! I look forward to hearing from you!



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