I'm Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner, owner and primary photographer of the award-winning Bang Images in Birmingham, Alabama.
I ADORE visual drama, rich colors and contrast, but also moody black-and-white images. Please take a look around and see if you think we're a good fit.
I'm so glad you're here!

Memories Fade. Photography is our beloved record keeper.



Are you the one usually holding the camera? Do you ever get the feeling that if you didn't ask to be photographed, that future generations wouldn't even know what you looked like? Documenting the love you feel for yourself and others is a substantial contribution to these relationships! Photography is one of the best record keeping tools we have. Whether you want to simply freeze time or celebrate an important life event, I encourage you to find a photographer you connect with and schedule time in front of their camera.

I'm the photographer for the person who wants to commemorate...

simply being alive
a promotion
an anniversary
a birthday
an adoption
being in love
moving into a new home 
saying "goodbye"
a new haircut
a pregnancy
saying "I do"
a puppy
a newborn
a transition
a new tattoo
a Saturday

If you can dream it, I can photograph it. 


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