So you're getting married! And you don't really want the production or expense of a large wedding? A Petite Wedding may be the right direction for you and I'd love to document it! I photographed my first wedding in 2000, took a step back during the height of the Pandemic; I didn't offer wedding photography for almost two years. I've rethought my vision, and I'm now booking Petite Weddings; they are intimate events, up to five hours in length. I have photographed several already and love everything about them! This gallery of images is a body of work representative of the type of images that could be created during a Petite Wedding event. I hope you'll consider reaching out to discuss your wedding day with me. As with all galleries I offer, your photographs will be in bold colors (with the occasional black & white versions) and rich contrasts between dark and light.

Petite Weddings