July 20, 2018

Tween Sessions / Birmingham, AL

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Tweens- I really love them! I taught school for fifteen years and this is the age I worked with. Admittedly, I miss it at times. What an awesome stage of life! They’re growing, changing, and learning; and their peers are increasingly more important to them. It’s that interesting time between childhood and becoming a young adult. It can be a little confusing at times, both for them and us, their parents, but it’s still fascinating!   

They still want us to talk to them even though it may not seem like it much of the time. They want to be treated a little differently than when they were younger. I doubt they want to know all the details of our adult lives, but they certainly want to be respected enough to be told the truth, even when the truth is hard to hear.

They are excited although a little confused about all the changes taking place within themselves. They’re going through physical changes and cognitive ones as well. They’re more aware of not only themselves but those around them. And they’re becoming in tune with what others think about them; this, as you know, matters more to some than others.

There are many social changes. They yearn for more independence, yet they still want you to comfort them when they’re feeling scared or hurt, and especially if they’re not feeling well.

The tween years are a time for experimenting with their likes and dislikes, which can have an affect on personality and appearance. Maybe this week your tween likes sports and next they want to play more video games than normal. I remember my own going through this.

This is an important time in our children’s lives. Tweens are on the verge of growing up, so-to-speak. Help them navigate while you still have a great deal of influence. They’ll listen more than you think.

As a parent, I know I worry about the pressure society places on our children. It’s important to communicate with them with frequent reminders of their uniqueness, strength, and importance in the world.

What better way to boost a tween’s confidence than through photography! I think this is a very special age. That’s why I’m offering Tween Sessions in August and September at a special rate. These sessions are for tweens ages 9-12 years old. They will be 30 minutes long and are especially for them. The outdoor location will be decided between the parent or guardian, tween, and photographer. One week after the session, you will have your own personal password-protected gallery of images to view. The cost is $150 per person and you will receive 5 digital (jpeg) files of your favorite images. There will be the options of purchasing all files and ordering printed images and/or an album.

I’m really excited about this promotion and can’t wait to schedule your Tween Session! Contact me at jennifer@bangimages.com.

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