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Birmingham, Alabama Photographer
Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner


Birmingham Pride Parade / Alabama Photographer

As I edited these photographs, I reflected on my core beliefs, and at the root of what makes me me is live and let live; although I know the Negative Nellies would say this is nearly impossible in our modern society. I’m writing this post as an ally of the LGBTQIA community and not as […]

June 25, 2019

Birmingham Event Photographer / Girls Rock Fest

There are several organizations I feel a special connection to and try to support as often as I can. Girls Rock Bham http://girlsrockbham.org/ is one of those. I’m also in love with them because I have a daughter who’s been to their summer camp the last two summers and the whole family really can’t say enough […]

March 29, 2019

2018 Magic City Acceptance Center Prom in Birmingham

As a human being coexisting with others, and especially as a business owner, I strive to practice the proverb “live and let live”. I love the differences I see all around me and honestly the ones I don’t, I still try to respect. As long as you don’t infringe upon the rights and happiness of […]

June 28, 2018

Girls Rock Birmingham Event Photography

Girls Rock Birmingham a.k.a. GIRLS ROCK BHAM is without a doubt one of the best things happening in Birmingham, Alabama, for young girls. It’s a non-profit program for girls (and anyone identifying as a girl) ages 9-16 that “fosters a solid foundation for young girls to grow confidently as individuals while developing rewarding musical skills.” […]

June 19, 2018

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