May 23, 2023

16th Annual International Color Awards

Whether it’s starting or ending my day with a portrait session, just about nothing makes me happier. As a photographer and small business owner, I am the boss. I answer to my clients of course, but in the end, I make the decisions. I am the person who has to keep up the creative momentum and continue making sound business choices. No sugar coating here-some days it borders on too much responsibility. The daily goal is to be a marketing magician, a hustler with mad stamina, a creative visionary, a badass bookkeeper, and a great communicator. I look for ways to motivate and challenge myself as an artist. I’ve consistently submitted images to online publications, magazines, and contests. Unfortunately, I have been recognized far fewer times than I’ve entered, but reaching these achievements is such a rush!

See Sarah’s Image Here

Today’s news couldn’t have come at a better time! I’ve been feeling a little uninspired lately, looking for my spark and my next idea for a creative portrait session. I received an email with the message, “Congratulations on your achievement at the 16th International Color Awards. Your work is now on exhibition and showcased on the walls of the online Winners Gallery.” There were 6,573 entrees from approximately 75 countries! Two of my images were recognized. It’s really wonderful to see the talent chosen in this contest, and it feels great to be among those photographers recognized. Consider me inspired!

See Rosa’s Image Here

I am grateful for these beautiful souls, Sarah and Rosa, who made these achievements possible. I decided to go for bold color, even more than my norm, but I think it makes a statement.

If you’d like to schedule some time in front of my camera, please follow this link. I’d love to plan your next creative portrait session!

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