January 15, 2024

Photographs of 2023 | Bang Images

It’s that time again- time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in photography (and in life-let’s be real), and how to make more of the work that communicates the overall message of Bang Images. Let’s take a look at the best of photographs of 2023.

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Documenting is a skill that varies between photographers. We all have a particular way we choose to frame our subjects and the split second of time to freeze. And we add a bit of our personalities into our work.

Do we photograph the child crying in the corner or maybe the one making weird faces at the camera? Or do we only document the typical, pretty moments like reading from a script? I prefer to be more of an improvisational artist, one who deviates from the norm to chase the real life, wonderfully unexpected, unscripted portions. The real moments are usually the most beautiful!

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It’s important to me to photograph real personalities. It’s a lovely dance between a photographer and subject(s) to find the zone. The zone is a very special place in time. Families members interact playfully. Couples are totally into one another. The final puzzle piece is that individuals are empowered, without taking themselves too seriously.

There are times that I do pose subjects. It’s really wonderful when you come to your portrait sessions with truly open minds and playful spirits.

My goal as a photographer is for the experience to be fun and to create artful portraits. Our time together isn’t for the sole purpose of producing photographs. It can also be a bonding experience for families and couples and a confidence boosting one for individuals. Think about it. Wouldn’t it feel great to focus on you without the common distractions of life? I think it’s fantastic to have an hour or two with no phones, emails, video games, and work pressure!

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I hope I haven’t overshared images. It’s always hard to narrow down the number. I recall stories when I look over a year’s work. There are love stories and funny things said or that happened during the sessions. The way certain little ones clung to their mamas, or conversely, the bold, tiny powerhouse bosses of some shoots stand out. Each story influences me as a photographer. It’s a challenge not showcase every portrait session, but I’ve done my very best to cull.

It was loads of fun reviewing the photographs of 2023! Looking forward, I’m already anticipating the cool, creative things I’ll get to document in 2024. And as for the message of Bang Images, I hope it’s this, creative, free-spirited, electric fun!

It’s hard to believe Bang Images was founded almost nine years ago. Creating art with you is one of life’s joys. Thank you to everyone who has hired me, and for those of you who haven’t, what are you waiting for? Please contact me for your next portrait session, Micro Wedding, or small event.

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