October 14, 2023

Moody Vibes by a Birmingham Photographer | Bang Images

To see a blog post dedicated to this portrait session, follow this link.

Moody Vibes

I often try to convey moody, deep, creative vibes as my message in photography. I’ve always felt like anyone can create a “pretty picture,” but it’s a special concoction of subject, energy, and creativity that produces artful, moody photographs. I realize this type of photography isn’t for everyone, and honestly, it’s not for me all of the time, but it draws me in.

Tis the Season

Most of us enjoy Halloween and some even enjoy being scared or shaken up a little. My birthday is only two days from Halloween, and it’s always been such fun with plenty to do. I’m sure that influenced my affection for the weird, moody, and spooky. With October 31st just around the corner, how about a post full of Moody Vibes by a Birmingham Photographer!

To see a blog post dedicated to the couple in this abandoned building, follow this link.

The Process

For those of you wondering how some of these images were created, there are a few things at play. Some have been layered, meaning that multiple images have been composed as one in Photoshop. Another way I achieve creative portraits is by photographing through prisms or other objects. At times, all it takes to create a moody portrait is the right light, wind and/or movement. Many of these photographs aren’t manipulated in any way, but a certain look or posture gives them a non-traditional portrait appeal.

To see a post with many other water portraits, follow this link.

Have Fun!

Let’s hear it for all the “outside of the box” thinkers! As photographers and subjects, don’t be afraid to take creative chances. Challenge yourselves to try something new and maybe you’ll conjure images that initiate conversation. First and foremost though, create art to satisfy your own personal imaginative souls and have fun!

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