January 8, 2022

Golden Hour Portraits | Birmingham Photographer | Bang Images

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Oh, precious Golden Hour! How I love you! (There are actually two times of day that are considered Golden Hour-just after sunrise and just before sunset. I prefer the latter.) Ericka and I spent a wonderful winter afternoon together. I styled a Golden Hour inspired shoot with lots of fun gold accents to enhance the theme. Not only did we bathe in the warm glow of the setting sun, we added to the gold theme with holiday d├ęcor (a risky move because of the fine line between cool and cheesy), gold macrame rings (I haven’t the slightest clue how to macrame), gold balloons, and a gold sequined sash.

Ericka has incredibly long hair so the combination of the long curly cue gold, plastic decorations over her ears with her long locks made for some wonderful motion captures. I feel like we were pretty successful at conveying a mood of pure happiness, which is what I feel on a sunny day during Golden Hour. It’s absolutely the best time for photographs in my opinion.

I really enjoy adding another visual layer to images by looking through objects. Sometimes it’s the nearest plant life; other times I bring things along. On this day I had tiny, colorful LED’s. Experimentation gives me life! And I think there’s a good chance the photos will be better if you just loosen up and play a little.

This is a side note, but worth stating, the clothes for this photo session were thrifted. I’ve been a thrift store shopper for more than half my life. I used to go for the vintage 60’s and 70’s garments, and now it’s more like the 80’s and 90’s. I really love both of these pieces; I’d wear those flowered pants myself if they’d fit! You don’t have to spend your grocery money on prepping for your photoshoot. I think I spent $10 on the shirt and pants.

I loved the experience of this session, Golden Hour Portraits, just as much as I love the actual photographs themselves. The session is half the fun! Interacting, laughing, and photographing on a sunny afternoon is the recipe for my personal happiness!

I photograph quite often during Golden Hour. If you’d like to see more photos from this time of day, check out this Summer Sunset Photo Session.

Now that you’ve looked at my work and have a feel for my style, please let me remind you to look for a photographer who suits your personality. It may be someone like me who likes to experiment and takes a laid back approach. Or you might prefer a photographer who produces more posed, still, classically beautiful portraits. I’m not offended by not being hired by everyone. I want you to find your match as much as I want to work with clients who value my style. Hopefully, I’m exactly what you’re looking for. Contact me if that’s the case.

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