January 28, 2024

All Love Celebrated in Portraits | Bang Images


I LOVE love. I’ve photographed a lot of different couples. I enjoy documenting all stages of couples’ relationships. I photograph all love: young and old and in-between, all beautiful hues of humankind, and the LGBTQ community. Everyone is welcome to have a turn in front of my lens! Let’s look forward to All Love Celebrated in Portraits. I’m one lucky photographer to have gotten to work with so many people!

I’ve been invited to couples’ homes, but more often we choose an outdoor, public space like the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, a local park such as Avondale Park, an overgrown field on the side of the road, or a cool city setting on an overpass or Morris Avenue.

February is often a time to commemorate our relationships. I’m into that! But what I’m also into is the idea that we should love and respect ourselves before we pour all that energy and attention into someone else. Be good to yourselves!

This post is a reflection of the many amazing couples I’ve photographed over the last decade. I enjoy combing through the archives to find the images that stand out. It’s a reminder of accomplishments and a good way to set goals for the future. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post so awkwardly named All Love Celebrated in Portraits-probably the toughest title I’ve ever tried to weave into writing. 🙂

Contact me for your next couple’s portrait session. Let’s record that beautiful love of yours!

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