March 7, 2023

What is a Micro Wedding and Why You Should Have One | Bang Images

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What is a Micro Wedding?

Congratulations, if you’re recently engaged! You get to choose the type of wedding that’s right for you! A Micro Wedding could save you time, money, and energy. A Micro Wedding is scaled down in size and length. There are fewer guests and fewer wedding attendants; and since you have more freedom with a Micro Wedding, you may choose to not have wedding attendants at all. There are no strict guidelines about how long the day will be or how many people will be involved. The norm seems to be under 50 guests and around 3 hours (and that should include time for portraits, the ceremony, and even a short reception).

Micro Weddings are intimate affairs that usually only family and very close friends attend. They became really popular during the height of the Pandemic. It was a safer way to celebrate with others by drastically reducing the size of the guest list. Think of it this way- your parents may be there, but you don’t have to invite their friends!

Why should you consider a Micro Wedding?

Just because you’re choosing to do things on a smaller scale, doesn’t mean it won’t be a nice wedding, quite the contrary actually. If you’re entertaining fewer people during a shorter event, you can really fine tune the details by concentrating your attention on what really matters to you.

Other reasons to have a Micro Wedding are because they’re easier and much less expensive. Since the event will be shorter, you don’t have to toil over whether you’ll serve chicken or fish, or have gluten-free or vegetarian options; you don’t have to serve a meal at all. Simple finger foods will be sufficient, and that’s if you choose to serve food. Usually there is a small wedding cake, although I’ve seen cookies and milk, cupcakes, and even doughnuts served in place of wedding cake. If you choose to have a wedding cake, it will be a fraction of the size you’d need for a larger wedding. Overall, you’ll get more bang for your buck!

Probably one of the biggest reasons to have a Micro Wedding is the reduced amount of stress. A normal wedding day requires so many decisions! Wouldn’t it be nice to plan less and really take in the experience-the whole experience, not just the wedding day, but the build up as well? Micro Weddings are all-around laid back and easy-peasy!

Photographer’s Final Thoughts

Personally, I love Micro Weddings. From my point-of-view, they’re small, short, and relaxed! Spend less, stress less, and enjoy more of your wedding day! Are you planning a wedding? Is it more of a beautiful, little boom, than a lavish explosion? Please reach out! Let me document the engagement, the wedding day, and your growing family (if that’s the way life leads). I’d love to photograph it all!

There are so many wonderful venues to consider for your Birmingham Micro Wedding: Saturn Birmingham, Avondale Brewing Company, Vulcan Park and Museum, and Hoover Randle Home just to name a few.

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