July 1, 2019

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I am a Birmingham photographer and I love photographing events! The Girls Rock Bham Performance has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s even more fun because my daughter is involved!

If you have a girl in your life between the ages of nine and sixteen, you will want to give Girls Rock Bham some serious consideration! It’s an incredible non-profit organization built around the idea of empowering girls! The program for girls (and anyone identifying as a girl) “fosters a solid foundation for young girls to grow confidently as individuals while developing rewarding musical skills.” (I couldn’t have written it any better, so I borrowed those words directly from their website.) There are typically two week-long camps held each summer; both sessions were in June this year. The camp is run by incredibly energetic and talented volunteers and their tireless leader Shelly Edge! It’s important to note too that the volunteers teaching instrument use and leading the bands are often musicians with their own bands. (You’ll notice many images of one girl in particular-my own. I’m smitten.)

You can visit the Girls Rock Bham website to read more. http://girlsrockbham.org/

During the week-long camp there are musical guests. There were three in this session and I was there documenting when The Dead Deads played. It was INCREDIBLE! The camp does a great job of introducing them to various types of music. The Dead Deads are a Nashville based band and describe themselves as a mix of grunge, rock, and punk.
The performances this year were held at Good People Brewing http://goodpeoplebrewing.com/ . The light was amazing-the right time of the day, an outdoor stage, and the light was from the side, i.e. NO BACKLIGHTING when viewing the bands. HEAVENLY! Thanks Good People; that was smart!

You can see the images from one session of last year’s camp and the Girls Rock Bham performance by following this link. https://bangimages.com/girls-rock-birmingham-documentary-photography/

BANG Images is a Birmingham photographer of people. I photograph mainly families, weddings, and individual portrait sessions, but I also love to photograph an event. I think I’m pretty adept at capturing this “fly on the wall” perspective, a.k.a. candid photography. It happens to be one of my favorite ways to use my camera. Observing is key not to only my life as a photographer but also as a person. I’d much rather listen and watch than throw myself into the mix. So if you have an event you’d like documented, let’s connect!

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  1. Jennifer Moody says:

    These are so fantastic!! My girl is Ella – (the keyboard player with the overalls and pigtail buns on Saturday) if you have any other shots of her playing I’d love to see them! I’m a proud mama!! Thank you so much!
    All love!

  2. jennifer alsabrook-turner says:

    Thanks for taking a look at the post! You should be proud. They did such a great job!

  3. Stacy Alley says:

    These are great! My daughter was a participant and I would love a few of these photos. Please let me know how I can obtain/purchase them. Thanks!

  4. jennifer alsabrook-turner says:

    Hi! I’ll be in touch. Thank you for taking a look at the blog. Isn’t Girls Rock great?!?

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