January 30, 2019

11 Location Ideas for Photography in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is such a beautiful city with so many interesting eateries, parks, coffee shops, murals, and more that make great settings for your portrait and family sessions. There are many possibilities, but here are a few.

  1. The Pizitz Food Hall is an awesome location. You can even venture to the top of the parking deck, which is great if you want to see the cityscape. http://www.thepizitz.com/food-hall/ Or you can take a lifestyle photography approach and photograph in their outdoor seating area. 2.  Local coffee shops are a cozy respite from the cold. Revelator Coffee in Mountain Brook has large windows with beautiful natural light for photos.  https://revelatorcoffee.com/ Or perhaps you would prefer Saturn’s Satellite Coffee in Avondale where you can enjoy board and video games with your beverages.  http://www.saturnbirmingham.com/satellite/coffee/
    3.   The Theater District in Birmingham is super colorful and makes for a visually interesting backdrop. Follow this link to read a great little paragraph about this revitalized area and other ideas that range from an overnight stay to must see shops. https://alabama.travel/road-trips/birmingham-taking-it-to-the-streets-downtown

4.   One place that’s well-known for its cobblestone streets, ivy covered walls, and artisan shops is Morris Avenue, located between 1st Ave. S and 1st Ave. N. 5.  Maybe you’d like to venture indoors for a drink at the quirky, incredibly cool bar, The Atomic Lounge.  http://www.theatomiclounge.com/  6.  Birmingham Botanical Gardens is an obvious choice and not one that I use often, but it really is beautiful. https://www.bbgardens.org/
7.   Railroad Park is great, especially right before sunset. There isn’t a lot of shade so this is my favorite time of the day for sessions there.  http://www.railroadpark.org/

8.   Historical Park at Ross Bridge is one of those beautiful, small, tucked away places. It’s not the easiest place to find, but if your photographer knows the location, you’ll be happy they do.

9.   Moss Rock Preserve is a gorgeous area for photographs, especially in the fall. There is a field where you can let children run freely and then lay down a blanket for some comfortable seated photos. And if you’re up for something a little more adventurous, across from the field you’ll find large boulders and trails. This area is really unique, but in my opinion, a little challenging for small children.  http://www.hooveral.org/214/Moss-Rock-Preserve 10.   Avondale Park is really one of my favorite parks in the Birmingham area. It was renovated several years ago and is one of the most expansive, versatile backdrops for photographers; it’s hard to believe these next images were all taken in the same place. There is an interesting amphitheater constructed of rock. There are colorful trees in the fall and luscious green ones in the spring and summer, and even a pond. It’s not far from downtown Birmingham, so if you want a natural setting and a city scene, this could be the perfect location for your engagement session, portrait session, or family session.  https://www.birmingham365.org/venue/avondale-park-birmingham-park-and-recreation-board/
11.  Rotary Trail in Birmingham is kind of a magical place- a long trail in the middle of 1st Avenue South with decorative trees and ivy covered walls. AND it’s located right across from one of the newest painted murals in Birmingham. https://www.traillink.com/trail/rotary-trail/

The possibilities are limitless when thinking of a photo shoot location in Birmingham, Alabama. Hopefully these 11 location ideas for photography will help you find the place that’s just right for your next portrait session, family session, or even an engagement shoot.

This is apparently a popular topic. If you’d like to check out what others think about photographable spots in Birmingham, take a look at this article The 15 most Instagrammable SPots in Birmingahm, Alabama by Huff Post.


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    Love the ideas!

    • jennifer alsabrook-turner says:

      Thanks for reading! This was written 3 years ago so most locations are still available, but The Atomic Lounge is no longer open unfortunately.

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