February 1, 2019

Birmingham Bride / Wedding Day Preparation

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Brides, your wedding day is going to be fantastic! You will have reached the pinnacle of months of planning and it will likely be one of the most exciting and beautiful days of your lives. This blog post is devoted to you! I find when blogging about a wedding, I try to limit the number of preparation photos so that the post isn’t too long and viewers don’t get tired of looking before they reach the end. Attention spans as they are, are only good for about 30-40 images. I LOVE photographing a bride’s preparation because it’s usually such a relaxed part of the day when the bride, bridesmaids, and bride’s mom all spend time together. Brides, you will get so much attention on this day, and even if you aren’t used to it or comfortable being so doted upon, just soak it up. I don’t particularly enjoy being the center of attention either, but it’s one day. You’ve planned and anticipated and it’s finally arrived-YOUR WEDDING DAY! Enjoy it!

Ceremony and Reception Venue: The Reid Brake House https://www.weddingwire.com/biz/the-reid-brake-house-warrior/50b1bdb1d477ea3b.html

Photographer: BANG Images, owner Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner and assistant Andi Rice

Wedding Dress: Bridal Bliss in Homewood http://www.bridalblisshomewood.com/

Designer Planner: Wedding Planner: Jan McCombs

Hair & Make Up: Tiffany Carroll

Florist: M&M Weddings & Catering https://www.facebook.com/MMWEDDINGSANDCATERING/

Caterer: M&M Weddings & Catering https://www.facebook.com/MMWEDDINGSANDCATERING/


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