July 18, 2023

Birmingham Fall Photographer | Bang Images

Couple’s portrait created at Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Fall is spectacular and a fantastic setting for fall photography!

Fall is spectacular! I think most Alabamians would agree that it’s a welcomed respite after a long, hot summer. I absolutely love summer because I love the sun and spending time in water, but I understand the allure of cooler temperatures and a colorful backdrop. Fall provides a wonderful setting for outdoor portraits and it’s my busiest season as a photographer!

Family portrait created at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

I’ve been a photographer for close to thirty years, and longer if you count the time using a camera before any formal training! Photography is a very big part of my life. Starting Bang Images in 2015 was one of the best decisions I think I’ve ever made. I look forward to my busiest season and I love booking it solid!

Portrait created in at Moss Rock Preserve

Wondering when to book your session with a Birmingham Fall Photographer?

It’s important that there are zero complications when you book a photo session with me. One way to make it a pleasant and easy process is to schedule your session as early as possible. I usually recommend at least three months in advance. As an aside, I photograph during all months of the year, but if you’re interested in the fall season, it’s important to note, weekends fill up fastest and if colorful foliage is your goal, there aren’t as many of those weekends available as you may think.

Family Portrait created at Railroad Park

The window of opportunity for colorful, fall foliage is short!

In my experience, most falls see the most vibrant and widespread color in November. While it’s impossible to say when exactly, if you schedule your session during one of the weekends in November, you’re quite possibly going to have that quintessential fall look you’re after. That’s four weekends, or only eight days, as the best possibilities; and remember, one of those weekends follows Thanksgiving. (*I’ve already booked two of those eight days!) I want you to have the opportunity to schedule the fall portrait spot you most desire!

I photograph individuals, families, and couples, including Micro Weddings, and I am a Birmingham fall photographer! Contact jennifer@bangimages.com to schedule your fall photo session. Please visit this blog post and this one to see other examples of Birmingham fall photography.

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