March 10, 2024

Spunky Kids Make Great Family Portraits | Birmingham Photographer

Spunky kids make great family portraits! Just take a look if you need proof.
There was a lot of running and jumping, but also a lot of loving.
The family pileup was a quick way to get warm!
I love the still moments as much as the active ones!
I was disappointed when I first saw the tree with most of it’s leaves on the ground, but not for long!
All of these photos were created at Avondale Park in Birmingham, Alabama in late fall.
Four beautiful children!
This mama had an impressive reserve of everlasting energy.
We didn’t really try to get them all to sit together until the end of the session. It was only then that they were ready because they had finally worn themselves out.

If you’ve ever considered a family portrait session but been afraid to schedule one because you felt like your kids just wouldn’t “sit still” or “behave”, please just redirect your thinking. If you’re after perfectly posed, traditional photos with all eyes directed toward the camera, maybe you’re right. But if you would like to document your family in its true, beautiful form, letting kids play and be themselves, don’t hesitate. Contact me to schedule your next family session because spunky kids make great family portraits! I take a non-traditional approach that may be exactly what you need.

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