March 12, 2024

Bang Images | LGBTQ Couples’ Photographer | Birmingham


Please keep scrolling to see why I’m proud to call Bang Images an LGBTQ couples’ photographer. LOVE WINS.

I am an LGBTQ couples’ photographer.
Most of the time I adhere to a consistent editing style, but occasionally the moment dictates the editing. Some images are edited with a heavier hand because I love a moody scene. This couple shared a range of emotions. I matched their passion with richness of color and deep blacks.

What’s really wonderful is when clients give me full creative reign. We played with prisms in the late afternoon sun and achieved some pretty cool results.

These portraits are probably some of my very favorite from any indoor session. Afterwards we walked over to Morris Avenue just before sunset.

This couple’s session included a proposal during the second half! One of them requested the Color Wall by local artist Marcus Fetch.

These two are so, so special. I photographed their wedding as well a few months after this engagement session. Would you look at that sky! What a bonus!

I happily drove to Columbiana, Alabama for this couple’s session. I love new locations. We went off-the-beaten-path, and it was magical!

On to the next amazing couple! Although I enjoy photographing in new environments, it’s hard to beat the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Just about any time of the year you’ll find a beautiful setting.

Couples hire me for many reasons. This couple wanted to celebrate the upcoming birth of their child. We started in a field and finished at a second location, McCallum Park in Vestavia.

The joy I get from photography sends me straight to the moon! And spending an afternoon recording such sweet love is one of life’s real pleasures.

Look for future posts showcasing more images from one or more of these sessions. And if you think you’d like to work with me, shoot me an email.

I would absolutely love to write a blog post about you one day!

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