August 17, 2021

Client Tips for Great Photo Sessions | Bang Images

Reading client tips for great photo sessions can be more effective than reading my advice as a photographer. Benefit from someone who’s had the experience of being photographed; it’s the same reason we love Amazon reviews, we want to know how real people feel about a product, in this case, a photo session. I’ve collected tips from several clients to share with you. Enjoy!

Individual Portrait Session

“Jennifer at Bang Images creates magic with her camera! I’ve had the pleasure of being photographed by her multiple times and each shoot has delivered captivating, quirky, whimsical imagery. To me, the reason the outcome is so successful is that I go into the session trusting her completely to guide me into natural poses! The in-between shots where I’m adjusting my hair, talking through a shot with her laughing and unguarded, are the photos that I am drawn to the most. Also, I like to wear the quirkiest vintage outfit I can find for a shoot! It makes me feel vivacious and stops me from getting too serious or in my head about being in front of a camera. I’m awed by Jennifer’s innovation—her experiments and playfulness translate to completely unique compositions that I will treasure forever!”- Audrey

You may see more from a photo session with Audrey by following this link.

Couple’s Session

“Portrait sessions can be awkward at first if you are not accustomed to being in front of the camera. However, finding a way to relax and having as much fun as possible is the absolute key to getting great photos that look natural and dynamic. Jennifer with Bang Images made that incredibly easy for my husband and me during our first ever portrait session. She kept us engaged and laughing the entire time! In addition, knowing what to expect and communication with your photographer is incredibly important. Jennifer provided us with some great tips for appropriate clothing, location based on our individual personalities, and small tricks she learned through her years of experience. It made the experience less stressful, more fun, and we were thrilled with the experience and resulting photos! Thanks, Jennifer!” -Mariah

You may see more from this session by following this link.

Individual Portrait Session

“My biggest tip would be to come to your shoot with a few different clothing options! Some of my favorite moments with Jennifer have been while we were deciding what clothing to wear to help tell the story. She has an amazing creative energy and one of the many ways she translates it is through collaboration in all facets! She has a way of making her clients feel comfortable by embracing what her subject doesn’t always see.” -Kyle

You may see more from Kyle’s outdoor session by following this link.

Family Session

“We have used Bang Images for our family photo sessions for over 5 years now and we couldn’t be more impressed with Jennifer and all her talent. Focusing on what works best for the family, she captures those special moments that you never knew you had. We all know family photo sessions can be stressful, especially if you have young children and I’ve learned a few good tips from Jennifer over the years. Come relaxed, bring some treats for the kids and just be yourself. Talk, play and be interactive with your children and spouse as if you are at home. Let her have some one on one time with your children…she will get some sweet pics! Jennifer’s art background and true expertise on natural lighting will take your family photos to the next level.” -Jordan

Individual Portrait Session

“My first piece of advice for a portrait session? Trust your photographer! Some poses may feel awkward or strange, but your photographer knows what they’re doing. That leads me to my second piece of advice: pick a photographer who you’re comfortable with and who makes you feel comfortable. Jennifer was so helpful and kind that she made me feel relaxed in front of the camera (which is extremely rare for me!), which helped me to be myself — and led to some beautiful and authentic photos!” -Emma

Family Session

“My wife and I are hesitant subjects for a photographer, while our daughter is an absolute whirlwind of movement. Jennifer excels at capturing the playful exuberance of an energetic child, encouraging the parents to engage naturally and let the camera do it’s magic. During your family session with Jennifer, relax! Be yourself, let your family enjoy the fun, and she’ll do the rest. We cherish these photographs as a reminder of where our journey began, and where our spirited little girl has taken us.” -Russ

Couple’s Session and Individual Portrait Session

“Being photographed by a wonderful  person and talented artist like Bang Images is an experience that makes me light on my toes. The first thing I do before every shoot is meditate and open up my mind to a fun adventure. Clothes also need to bring you comfort and a spark of joy. And that beautiful face of yours needs to radiate like the sun because these photos will last a lifetime and more, so give the next generation a beautiful muse.” – Valencia

You may see more from Valencia and Stone’s couple’s session by following this link.

Individual Portrait Session and Family Session

“I must admit that I am not naturally comfortable in front of a camera. My husband? Even less so. During our family portrait, Jennifer’s laid back nature really rubbed off on us and we were able to loosen up and go with the flow. My daughter is a strong willed 6 year old and Jennifer was quite patient with all three of us. I appreciated her encouragement to be ourselves. I recommend not taking the experience too seriously and just having fun with it.” -Kristi

You may see more of Kristi’s individual portrait session by following this link.

Couple’s Session

“First things first, you NEED to have a photographer you’re comfortable with. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable in a shoot, your photos will come out awkward and uncomfortable. Jennifer is great at getting you to let loose and enjoy the moment! Next, it’s important to find a photographer that fits your personal vibe. Think about the type of photos you want, look at past work from different photographers, and pick which aligns best with your vision. Luckily, Jennifer has a distinct yet versatile style – so she can suit just about any need.” -Gabby

Individual Portrait Session

“I think the hardest part about modeling can be getting comfortable in front of the camera and knowing what to do with your body and face. Posing can feel really unnatural but if you take some time before a shoot to practice in a mirror or a camera it will really solidify your confidence! Fashion Magazines and editorials are a great place to find inspiration, and so are fashion illustrations! Once you’ve worked out what angles work best for you, you’ll be able to more naturally work in front of the camera and feel comfortable knowing you’re taking pictures you feel confident in! Working with a great photographer really helps too. Bang Images was by far one of the easiest photographers I’ve worked with so far. She has a really warm, laid back presence that makes it really easy to find that confidence! She’s up to for trying anything and that non-judgmental, open minded nature really allows for that creative zone needed for photography to exist” -Benji

Thank you to all who contributed to this blog post!

I am a couple’s photographer, family photographer, and photographer of individuals. I seriously get excited about every photo session and I can’t believe this is supposed to be “work”.  I promise I don’t take it for granted. Contact me to schedule your photo session and let’s create art together!

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