July 22, 2020

LGBT Affirming Photographer / Kyle in Summer

FILED IN: Portraits

I try to be as transparent as possible, and I hope I’m presenting a clear message. Bang Images is an LGBT affirming photographer. On the last day of Pride Month, June 2020, Kyle and I created some beautiful outdoor portraits together.

Kyle exudes confidence, but he’s not unapproachable. In fact, he is one of the most charming people I have ever photographed. He and I connected through another photographer and we knew we had to make plans to work together. Photographing in the summer in Alabama is a little bit of a gamble because some days it’s blazing, suffocatingly hot and others are tolerable. We happened to pick a great morning, a little humid, but definitely worth the trip outdoors. Kyle was easy to photograph just as I suspected he would be. In addition to being a natural in front of the camera, he is also a makeup artist. That explains a lot, doesn’t it! Just flawless!

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