July 27, 2020

Birmingham Photographer / Frequently Asked Questions

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I think photographers get asked many of the same questions. Some are pretty general, and others are more specific about that particular photographer’s practices, equipment, and style. These are the most frequently asked questions that I’ve received.

What is an On-location Session?

I will meet you at an agreed upon location, such as a public park for a natural setting or in downtown Birmingham for a city setting for our session.


What is an At-home Session?

I will travel to your home for a session. These sessions are relaxed and wonderful for newborns. They’re also perfect for anyone not wanting to venture outdoors in the winter or summer months for a session. The first twenty-five miles from my home to yours are included in the price. Mileage after 25 miles is $.55 per mile.


Are there any pricing specials?

Return clients receive a 10% deduction on their session fee (A or B); this is called a Grateful Gift. If you purchase all the culled and edited digital files from a session, and then decide to place an order for printed images, you’ll receive 10% off the print order total.

Do you ever have mini-sessions?

I don’t normally offer mini-sessions. Short sessions do not work well with my photography style.¬† My creativity feels stifled by being rushed, and my goal is to produce artful images for you.


Do you offer products?

Yes, I do! Pricing for files and prints can be found on the pricing page. Please request pricing for albums.


Do you charge sales tax?

10% sales tax is included in the total of all tangible goods and includes the most commonly purchased: digital files, prints, and albums.

How would you describe your photography style?

I like the words BOLD, REAL, and CONTAGIOUS EMOTION (as described by a client). I love rich color and contrast. My approach to family and couple’s photography is very natural with as little interruption as possible and minimal posing. Of course, I’m happy to help if it looks like it’s needed though. Portraits of individuals do require more interaction on my part. My goal is to create interesting images with an artful approach that don’t feel stiff.


What type of equipment do you use?

I’ve been photographing with Nikon equipment for about ten years. I have three Nikon D750’s and an assortment of lenses ranging in focal lengths from 14 mm-200 mm. The variety of lenses allows me to photograph up close in an intimate way as is common in my family photography and to photograph from far away if needed.


How long have you been a photographer?

I took my first photography class in college; graduated with two bachelor degrees, with one in photography; taught school for fifteen years; and resigned from teaching in 2015 to begin Bang Images. It’s been 25 years since that first photography class!

Will we get all of the images?

Since switching from film to digital photography, I tend to overshoot. It’s almost silly not too. You will not receive¬†every image. Instead, you will have a gallery full of professionally culled and edited images. You won’t be given duplicates, photos that are blurry, over or underexposed, or incredibly unflattering captures; I will spare you the pain of looking through those. Your gallery will be artistically and professionally curated to feature the best images from your session.


How many photos will we get?

I deliver an average of 75 images per hour of photographing. This means from a two hour session,  there will be an average of 150 images in your gallery. Many factors determine the number of images.


How long does it take to see our gallery of images?

It takes two weeks from the date of a session to receive a link to view your gallery of images. You will be sent a link via email to view your own password-protected gallery.

If we purchase files, do we own the copyright?

When you purchase digital files, you are purchasing the opportunity to print images, create an album, post photos online, or any other personal use you can think of. I will retain the official copyright or ownership of the images.


I am a photographer of people. I mainly photograph families and portraits of individuals and couples. It is important for you to feel a connection when you look at my website. I attempt to be as inclusive and diverse as possible. If you feel like perusing other portraits of individuals, please do. The couples gallery and family sessions gallery are a lot of fun too.


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