August 22, 2021

First and Possibly Only Headshot Day | Bang Images

Hey, hey, hey! I’m hosting my first and possibly only Headshot Day! The idea of photographing headshots used to make me cringe, but that’s probably because I was thinking of the traditional, stiff, headshots, set-up with a lackluster backdrop, and a flashing strobe. I shied away too because of the posed nature of headshots. I prefer keeping things a bit more loose and “real”. But, I’ve been asked to photograph several in the last couple of years and I’ve come to the realization that they don’t all have to be the same. I can put my personal spin on them.

I often photograph headshots outdoors; that’s what I prefer, and I will offer an outdoor option during Headshot Day. For those that find it too hot and humid to be outdoors and for the sake of filtering light as the day progresses, I’m offering an indoor option. The space is in Birmingham, in a historic home, and luscious, natural light bathes the space through large windows. It’s perfect for my photography style. So if you’re looking for glam, strobe-flashing, standard gray backdrop headshots, this may not be for you. They will be professional; but they will not be standard.

The first and possibly only Headshot Day will be held on Saturday, September 4, 2021. I started with 10, ten-minute spots beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending at 11:40 a.m. I’ve booked the first two spots of the morning so far. There will be a few minutes between each session so that it doesn’t become a rush hour pile-up. (I prefer low stress events!) I’ve advertised on Facebook and my Instagram story and feed. I hope and somewhat expect to fill these spots within the next few days. If this is something you’re interested in, please don’t wait. I honestly don’t know if I’ll host another Headshot Day in the future and these prices are much lower than my norm.

Ordinarily, headshot sessions are 15 minutes in length, cost $160 for outdoor and $195 for indoor options, and include one jpeg file. This special saves you over $100! You’ll have a choice between outdoor and indoor headshots with no price change, your gallery will be ready for viewing in one week, and you’ll get to download your favorite three files!

I am fully vaccinated. I will still wear a mask if we’re photographing indoors.

I will spray disinfectant between each session.

Headshots don’t have to be stiff and lifeless. They also have a variety of uses- profile photos on social media, closings to emails, marketing for your own small business, or maybe you just want a nice photo of yourself and you’re testing the waters with Bang Images before you take the plunge and book a full hour. Whatever your reason, contact me and secure your spot during Headshot Day. Please keep in mind, this may be a one-time offer.


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