September 3, 2019

Birmingham Photographer / What to Expect if You’re My Subject

There’s a process that photographers go through; it may be completely self-conscious or it may be a mental checklist. Whatever the case, we all do it; it’s inevitably part of every session photographed and every event documented.  I am a family photographer, portrait photographer, wedding photographer, and occasionally event photographer; and this is what to expect if you’re my subject.

To see this engagement session, follow this link.



One thing is consistently the same no matter who or what I’m photographing; I observe first.  Everyone and every situation are unique. It’s hard to discern someone’s personality over the phone and even harder through email, so when we meet in person, observation is key. You may be a very quiet person who needs a lot of coaxing to open up in front of the camera, or you might love being the center of attention and can’t wait to hear that shutter click. Also, you may be reserved in a one-on-one situation but really blossom when you’re surrounded by your family and friends. Observation is always the first important step for me as a photographer.To see these wedding day photos, follow this link.



I taught school for fifteen years and I have two children of my own, ages both teens, so I have used this phrase over and over. “I react to you.” It’s a dance of sorts, back and forth while working together. If you’re really comfortable, I’m probably not going to give you as much instruction, and instead will follow your lead. If you’re feeling self-conscious or unsettled, you’ll hear from me more. Please don’t mistake my silence to mean things aren’t going well. Things must be running very smoothly if I’m quietly photographing you! I want your session to be fun and worthwhile. My goal is for you to be comfortable, hopefully have a really good time, and walk away feeling confident!

To see this family session, follow this link.



Once I have an idea of how you’re feeling about being photographed, I’ll take a couple of photos to test the light. We’ll start slowly and work our way into creating many photographs. I’ll take cues from you to know whether or not you need more or less help. Couples and families, my best advice to you is to interact with one another and keep a physical connection. This may be a small gesture like your hand on someone’s back or it could be a bigger display of affection-a full embrace. You want your photos to communicate the love and connection you feel between you and the person or people you’re being photographed with. Families, I encourage you to play with your children. Couples, stay close to one another and show the camera how in love you are; you might do this in laughter or by gazing into each other’s eyes. How you communicate your love for one another is up to you.

To see this couple’s session, follow this link.

If you’re being photographed alone, your goal is to let the confident you be known. Even if you don’t consider yourself bold, I invite you to step into character for just a little while. Photography can be a truly empowering experience!To see this portrait session, follow this link.

I consider myself an artistic photographer. I’m not interested in stiff, shallow, emotionless photographs. If I had to guess, you aren’t either, or you wouldn’t have invested the time in reading my blog. Here’s the bottom line, and I’ve said it many times before-your photographs will be as playful and intimate as you are in front of the camera. It may feel a little uncomfortable because of being documented and that’s alright. Sometimes we have to step outside of our comfort zones because that’s where the magic happens! Take a chance and walk away with beautiful photographs!

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