November 5, 2020

Strengthen Your Online Presence / Birmingham Photographer

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It’s important for you as a photography business owner to strengthen your online presence. One of many ways to do that is to get your work featured. It feels great to be appreciated and applauded for your creativity and effort. If you own your own business like I do, you are your own boss. You don’t have an authority figure to answer to, which is really freeing and on my list of pros, but you also don’t have someone to congratulate you for a job well-done. When your business is featured, it feels a lot like that pat on the back you’ve been missing. It’s certainly cause for celebration!

There are a number of ways to get your work featured. It could be in a post by a news outlet, artistic magazine or other online publication, or even a blog post by another photographer. It’s a great way to strengthen your online presence because the more you’re featured, the more you’ll pop up on popular search engines. If you’re noticed by an organization looking for great content for its readers, you could be featured. What’s even better, is if you’re featured by an organization with a lot of traffic to their site.

Get featured:

  • Submit your work
  • Interact, or network as it’s known
  • Be an established business and have roots in your industry (patience, my friend-it just takes time)
  • Consistently share solid work and you will get noticed (getting noticed translates to business leads for you)

A goal for many is to reach page one of Google-the pinnacle some might say. (More than 90% of people use Google to search inquiries!) Although getting featured will help strengthen your online presence, businesses don’t achieve “page one” status overnight, and unfortunately it’s not something that happens only because you create gorgeous photographs or because you’ve been featured, but these things help. And here’s something I bet you haven’t thought about-featuring yourself! Blog your work. Blog your best ideas about how to run a business. Blog anything and everything that you think a photographer would like to read about photography and your approach.

There are many ways to strengthen your online presence and getting featured is only one of them. Take a chance and you might be surprised! Play it safe and take no chances; you’ll surely not get featured!

To view additional posts offering helpful information, please check out more. If you’re a photographer and you’d like to explore my mentoring options, please take a look at the page I’ve created just for you!

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