December 1, 2020

The Magic of Filmstrips from Still Photos

Here’s my first attempt at a video tutorial! I’m excited about it, but obviously, with it being my first, it makes me feel a little vulnerable sharing it. The tutorial is for the magic of filmstrips from still photos, by taking a sequence of images and stringing them together in Photoshop to make them look like a film. It’s not completely fluid, but that’s the artistic beauty of it! They’re really eye catching and seemed to pop up on social media quite a lot about a year ago. I decided to do a little investigating and try one myself. I’ve now made several of these little quirky films and really enjoy the challenge. Take a look at this tutorial I made.


Here is the filmstrip that I made while making this tutorial.



Start by photographing a sequence of images in a rapid fire sort of way. It can be of anything you find interesting. I’ve kept it fairly simple for these by pouring water and then having someone jump and march in front of the camera. I think my next attempt will be more cinematic. If you create a filmstrip from still photos by using this tutorial, I’d love it if you share a link in the comments section.

Here’s another one! Aren’t they fun!

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