October 20, 2020

Creative Portraits in Birmingham / Sarah

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Styling this session was a lot of fun and Sarah was up for just about anything, which is a dream come true for this photographer! We met on Morris Avenue with the intent of making creative portraits in Birmingham. It’s a lot easier in my opinion to create a beautiful portrait than a beautiful and creative one. I like to challenge myself to do both. With colorful makeup powder and Sarah’s awesome vintage dress, we gave it a solid try!

Here’s a tip for you photographers, keep an open mind and open eyes while driving around your city; you’ll find interesting backdrops like this metal garage door, which worked really well!

This portrait session focused heavily on color; I’m fascinated with color theory and I love how complementary colors work together. Our second location was the exterior of an orange building in Birmingham and that blue and orange really pop together! Since we were just down the street from the Alabama Theater, our last stop had to be there. The blue sky with its beautiful wispy clouds was a real bonus and awesome way to end our session together. I loved this photo session!

To view other portrait sessions on the blog, please go here. And if you’d like to see the portrait gallery, I hope you’ll visit! Contact me to schedule your creative portraits in Birmingham!

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