August 21, 2019

Birmingham Family Photographer / Weekend Vibes

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My daughter has discovered the messy bun and the art of sleeping in. And I have apparently discovered my love for photographing my sleepy child. These were taken minutes after she awoke on a Saturday morning. I can hardly believe she agreed to sitting still for a few photos. Maybe I caught her off guard. She came stumbling down the stairs with her hair wobbling atop her head like a little bunt cake. She plopped down on the couch and asked me what was for breakfast. Photos, child. That’s what’s for breakfast. At least they feed me, but she on the other hand, wanted something a little more carb-y.

It’s the end of the summer and pretty soon she won’t be able to sleep in on a Saturday even if she tries. Those 6 a.m. alarms will drill their way into her biological clock. But for now, we have these weekend vibes.

I am Jennifer Alsabrook-Turner of Bang Images and I am your Birmingham Family Photographer. Check out another mini-shoot with my girl here.

She’s been my subject for years. See how many images you can spot of her in my family sessions gallery.¬†¬†

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