August 27, 2019

Creative Portrait Session / Birmingham / Rachel

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I feel like I’ve reached a place in my career as a photographer that allows me to be me. I talk a lot about the realness I try to communicate and the straightforward approach I attempt in my day to day relationships. This attitude filters into every aspect of my life really. I feel free to experiment. I try things during sessions without being embarrassed to do so. I can play in Photoshop a little and add those images to the gallery without worrying they won’t be appreciated. I am less inhibited overall and it’s really creatively stimulating. I don’t know if this is because I’m more comfortable with myself as a photographer or if people who “get” me reach out and ask me to photograph them more now than ever. My guess is it’s a fantastic combination of the two. Whatever the case, it makes me incredibly happy and it means you get better, more creative photographs, so we are all winning! Please enjoy this creative portrait session!
  Rachel was a little nervous in the beginning. I would be too. It’s a display of bravery to hire a photographer for yourself. I understand all too well how uncomfortable it can be to be photographed. That’s why our sessions begin slowly and I think that helps.  She was so trusting though and was up for all of my ideas, which is why I think this photo session was such a success. Not that I’m the only one with creative direction; please voice your opinion. It’s wonderful to brainstorm together! Rachel’s open-mindedness and adventurous spirit encouraged me to try things-positions, backdrops, and even wildflower stoles and dried (a.k.a. dead) floral bouquets.

We were able to photograph in two locations, one downtown along Morris Avenue and one in a natural setting in Avondale a few minutes away. I am really happy with how creative the session was and with the variety of photographs we created together. I really appreciate Rachel’s willingness to adventure with me!

In case you didn’t really absorb the gorgeous contrast between her red-orange hair and the green environment,

scroll through once more because it’s just too awesome to miss.

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