August 19, 2019

Birmingham Family Photographer / Swimsuits all Day Long

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If there’s one thing I’m going to miss about summer, it’s swimming. I especially have fond memories about swimming as a child. I remember learning in elementary school and worrying that I wouldn’t recall how to do it the next summer after being more of a land mammal for half a year once the pool closed. Every chance I got, I swam. And then there was the swim team in middle school. I was a member of our city’s swim league for three years. I even taught swim lessons when I was fourteen. Summer is a special time and so is being a child. The fact that you can wear your swimsuit pretty much all day and no one bats an eye, is something to smile about. “Swimsuits all day long” sounds like a great mantra to me!

These photos were taken at my home while friends were visiting, but they could have just as easily been taken at yours! I am a Birmingham family photographer who occasionally travels to clients’ homes to document real life. It’s a different approach rather than meeting at a public space-a park for example. It’s truly an intimate look at a part of your life that you’d like to remember. If you’ve never hired a photographer for an At-home Session, I recommend it; and I highly encourage you to consider Bang Images for the job.

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