May 12, 2019

Birmingham Sunset Session / Child Portraits / My Blu

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I have been photographing my Blu, my daughter, since birth. We would go on these photo adventures together and in my opinion, have a blast. She really used to love them and sometimes helped me find locations. As she’s gotten older, she’s not quite as interested and takes a little more coaxing. Of course she loves seeing the photographs of herself and wants to read comments if they’re posted on social media, but our photo sessions have gotten much shorter. Such is life between a mom photographer and her tween, I suppose!

I had been at a meeting and just picked her up at a friend’s house. They had played with these awesome little feather tattoos. I said, “You know we’re going to have to photograph you when we get home, right?” This tactic doesn’t always work, but I think she liked the idea because she really liked the tattoos. It was sunset, during the perfect moment in the day when you have literally five minutes of the most beautiful light and then it’s gone. She quickly changed and we ran out to the backyard. MAGIC. Pure magic for five glorious minutes. That’s about the length of her interest too so it worked out perfectly!
For all of you thinking of picking up your camera when you see that perfect light or happen upon a moment worth documenting, don’t let it slip away. DO IT! Get up, get your camera, and make some magic of your own. And if you’d rather hire me to capture life’s beauty for you, well, I’m more than okay with that idea! Let’s create art together!

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