August 20, 2018

Birmingham, AL / Botanical Gardens / Torrey

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I had such a wonderful experience photographing Torrey at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I won’t say the weather was perfect because it was August in Alabama after all, but it was really close. We started early enough that we were able to miss the worst part of the heat by finishing about 10:00.

Being a portrait photographer is incredibly rewarding. I especially love photographing women. It’s empowering to collaborate with another woman when you feel it’s equally benefiting to them. When you can feel the energy between you, and you know it’s a real boost for you both, it’s exhilarating!

I just can’t resist making some photographs black-and-white. It’s so dynamic!

Do you see the hints of purple flowers in the blurred (bokeh) background? I love that color accent!

One thing I love about Torrey is that she is game for anything! Her hair was an incredible light green. I noticed this beautiful moss on the pavement and joked about getting her to lie down next to it because I thought it would look great with her hair. She trusted me and I’m glad she did; I think these are really interesting!

At the end of our photo session, we just sat for a moment and I said, “Let’s chill here for a minute.” It was then that she remembered she’d brought sage to burn. Not only did it smell wonderful, it brought a sense of mindfulness to the moment that was appreciated.

Outdoor photo sessions are my absolute favorite. I rented a studio for almost a year. It just didn’t feel like me. THIS session-it felt right.

Do what you love when you can, as often as you’re able!

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