October 17, 2019

Portraits of an Unbelievable Woman / Birmingham Photographer

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I have a friend that started out as a model that would go on these sometimes really impulsive photo adventures with me. I could literally text her the night before, like in the case of this particular shoot and ask her to drive with me to a destination two hours away to photograph during a controlled burn and she’d say yes, just like that, and with nearly no questions asked. She trusts me. We have a groove when photographing together. It’s comfortable and sometimes awkward, which is wonderful, because that staves off complacency, and there’s really a certain allure to awkwardness anyway. I really love these images we created together, especially the first one with the look of distress all over her face. Mind you, it was a controlled burn, but it makes the photograph much more impactful to see her pained expression. I think my second favorite is the one where she’s just this speck of a focal point off in the distance surrounded by the charred earth. Looking at these makes me realize how I need to schedule another shoot with this powerful woman!

I founded Bang Images not just because I wanted a new career, but also because I love, love, love photography deeeeep in my soul. I sometimes photograph for fun, just for the sake of creating art. If I didn’t, I don’t know if I’d love my job as much as I do. If I weren’t able to “do my own thing” some of the time, I’d be sunk spiritually. There’s not much like that feeling of being completely in step with the person or people you’re photographing. The really wonderful thing is when it happens during a family session, portrait session, or wedding; then you know you’re doing that “work thing” right!

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