November 2, 2019

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Kelsie and John live on a farm in Rockford, AL. It’s a beautiful place, one they’ve nurtured and toiled over for several years. It’s called Coosa Fancy Heritage Farm and it’s pretty wonderful-especially so for engagement photography. Soon you should be able to purchase items cultivated right there on the farm- wool, eggs, flowers, and even humanely raised meat.

Kelsie and John met through an online dating site when she was on a break from school and he had just moved back from California and was transitioning between jobs. It was easy from the start and they “clicked really well.” Fast forward a few years and they’re using the gorgeous backdrop of their farm for engagement photos and planning a wedding in December. It’s going to be a wonderfully intimate event that I’m really looking forward to photographing! (Don’t miss their matching tattoos of the Coosa Fancy logo below.) Getting to visit Coosa Fancy Heritage Farm really got my wheels turning, anticipating the changes the farm will go through between now and the wedding date and thinking about the bountiful beauty of the land with so many opportunities for photographs.

Engagement photography is so important in building a relationship between you and your photographer. If you can schedule a session, I urge you to. Your photographer can gauge your comfort level in front of the camera and you will hopefully gain confidence in what may be thought of as practice for your wedding day. It’s an ice breaker of sorts, not to mention, it’s fun! And even though you might find it difficult to see the importance of having photos of yourselves now, you will; or at least your possible children will. Take it from someone who’s been married almost twenty years; I wish we’d explored the idea of engagement photography. I don’t particularly enjoy being photographed, but I do love going through old photos and I value my relationship with my husband and wish we had more photographs together.

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