December 30, 2018

Birmingham Portrait Photographer / 2018 Revisited

It’s impossible not to become reflective at the end of a year and I think it’s a healthy practice to evaluate the good and the not so good; growth is important. 2018 was one of my busiest business years yet. I long for creative collaboration; once an art student, always an art student. This blog post shares a sample of the images from my 2018 portrait sessions. I cannot thank you enough if you were one of my subjects!

Thank you for looking at this post. I’d love to hear your comments. Which image(s) speaks to you? After revisiting my portrait sessions from 2018, I dare say I am the happiest Birmingham, Alabama, photographer. It’s been a wonderful year! Thank you to all the clients of BANG Images! And if you haven’t been in front of my camera, what are you waiting for? Contact me and let’s set up a portrait session!

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  1. Alyssa Green says:

    These are stunning, Jennifer! You inspire me continually. What a captivating year 2018 has been!

  2. jennifer alsabrook-turner says:

    You are so sweet, Alyssa! I really appreciate your compliment and thank you for taking a look.

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