December 28, 2018

Birmingham, AL / Fall Portrait Session Among the Goldenrod / Aly

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Exploration! Some may say that’s what life is all about-exploring the unknown and finding beauty in the unfamiliar. I’d love to think of myself as an adventurist, but I’m a little too practical for that. I do love scouting and finding new locations to photograph though and that’s exactly how Aly and I found ourselves here. We went to the most beautiful field of goldenrod-one that I located for our session. It was my first time photographing here and the results were well worth it.
Just look at that color! I love the bright coral stripes of the dress with the warm yellow pop of the flowers. We braved a few weeds as tall as our heads, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle. The clouds, the perfect temperature, the wildflowers, the dress, and Aly, made for an awesome photo combination.  We actually photographed in two fields on this day that were magically less than a mile apart. I felt like I won the portrait photographer lottery! Yellow seemed to be the color theme this fall and I love it!

Do you see the butterfly flying around Aly’s head? Thanks little fella! What a bonus to our fun morning of photography! Birmingham has so many interesting locations, both rural and urban; you just have to take a little time to explore.

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