September 15, 2021

Birmingham Family Photo Session | Botanical Gardens | Bang Images

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One of the first genres of photography that I became interested in so many years ago was family photography. I had just had my first child (who’s now 18) and we lived in this incredible little neighborhood, surrounded by other families with children near our son’s age. It made sense. It was my new world and I was totally immersed in Mom-life and doing and documenting all the things. I’d already fallen in love with photography and felt the desire to try to remember everything we were experiencing with our little one; what better way to do that than through recording our lives in images? Little did I know that that time in my life would be the start of something wonderful! I’ve been photographing families close to twenty years and I love the excitement, the unpredictability, and the joy of documenting something so special for others.

I met this sweet family at one of my favorite locations for family sessions- the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I love the variety of settings, the size, the convenience, and of course the landscaping. It’s a gem of a place. It’s also really nice to walk around even without a camera; it’s incredibly peaceful.

Did this location pique your interest?

I’m honestly a little surprised that I fell in love with the Birmingham Botanical Gardens as a photoshoot location. I generally shy away from popular ideas, but this one is a solid choice for families. There are clean bathrooms, plenty of space, and obviously beautiful, well-taken care of settings.

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