August 11, 2020

Being Prepared for Your Photo Session / Birmingham Photographer

The busiest time of the year for me as a primarily outdoor Birmingham photographer is the fall. It’s certainly beautiful with an array of bold colors at every turn and it feels great outside! Being photographed can be hard for some, a little uncomfortable for others, and for a select few-a really good time. So, the last thing you want is to have to worry about sweating in the summer heat or your cheeks and nose turning pink in the coldest months. Don’t get me wrong, I work outdoors all year-round, but without a doubt, the busiest season for me as a photographer is fall and it’s no surprise. I see the allure; it’s one of my favorite seasons too!

These tips for being prepared for your photo session are for any time of year. It just makes sense to share them with you now as we head toward the fall season, which happens to be my busiest season. I can’t wait!

Being Prepared for Your Photo Session

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The first step in being prepared for your photo session is to decide when you’d like to have your session. You don’t need to know exactly which day and time per se, but you should have an idea of the month with a few dates in mind that will work for you. It’s best to schedule two months in advance if you’re able. If not, that’s okay; scheduling early just means you have more choices, not that there won’t be anything left. If you’re interested in Bang Images photographing you, keep in mind, October is the busiest month of the entire year, with November as the second busiest.

I am happy to be as involved as you’d like me to be in planning your session. From the location to the clothing, please include me and let’s style your session together. This is exactly why I made the Clothing Ideas graphics, which I’ll tell you a little more about momentarily. I really want us to create artful images that you will treasure!


Once your photo session has been scheduled and your contract has been signed, it’s time to start planning! The location of your family photo session or portrait session is important. In my opinion, it can be as important as the clothing you’ll wear and often you’ll benefit if you think of them together. When possible, coordinating clothing with your setting, can be a powerful visual duo! If you have a location in mind, don’t hesitate in sharing it. I’m glad to take a look and give you my opinion.


Clothing should be a large area of focus when planning your session. If you’re being photographed with others, it’s a good idea to coordinate but not match. Be comfortable but not in lounge wear. Choose fun accessories to liven up your look. Layers and multiple textures can add visual interest. Consider leaving distracting items at home, like large faced watches. Take a look at the Clothing Ideas graphics, which can be found on the Family Sessions page, the Couples page, and the Individuals page. (Graphics differ slightly between pages.) The graphics were made with the idea that certain colors work nicely together (using color theory as a reference) and how solid colors and patterns play together visually.


Props aren’t a necessary component of a photo session although certain items can make your session easier and more enjoyable: a blanket for sitting or wrapping in (season dependent), wipes (great for messes for almost any age child), a rattle for getting a baby’s attention, extra clothes for small children, and a water bottle during warm months.


Ideally when being photographed with others, very few of your photos will be posed because we want them to look as natural as possible. Keeping a physical connection with each other will communicate your love, i.e. hand holding, hugging, or even a hand placed on an arm or back will help. I encourage you to be playful and do your best to pretend your time together isn’t being documented. I will give you prompts if you need them. Individual portraits are a little different with more instruction and creative posing.

Final Thoughts

Be rested for your session. Avoid coming to a session hungry. Leave a little earlier than you think you should; racing to any appointment can cause stress and make you uncomfortable at the start of your session. Breathe! Have fun!

Thank you for considering a photo session with Bang Images. I literally get those little, excitement butterflies we’ve all heard of whenever I think about the fall season. I’m especially excited about the beautiful, creative portraits we’ll create and the family photos we’ll document! Reach out if you think we’re a good fit. Another link that may interest you isĀ Contact. I look forward to planning your session!

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