August 20, 2020

Birmingham LGBTQ Portrait Session| Bang Images


Mercedes and Britany contacted me several months ago after getting married but not being able to have a wedding due to the pandemic. They were determined to at the very least have a portrait session to commemorate the big event. They already had a place in mind (Birmingham Rotary Trail) and had coordinated the clothing they wanted to wear. My job was easy! I was asked to photograph them, and as you can see by looking at this first image, they are both stunning! It was an honor to be the photographer for this Birmingham LGBTQ portrait session!

When I first saw them, I felt confident we were going to have a great session! Anyone that puts the amount of time and effort into planning, as they did, clearly is invested in producing wonderful images. Not only did they choose complimenting clothing, they paid attention to the wonderful little details like baby’s breath in Mercedes’s hair and the beautiful waves in Britany’s. Even the diagonal slope of the off-the-shoulder black jumper was a repeated visual in the v-shape of the white jumper; everything was considered. When you put that much thought into your session, you’re likely going to be pleased! Another touch that really brought the images to life was the fact that they remained physically close to one another during most of our time together; it really brought a sense of intimacy to the images! The entire vibe of the session would have been altered without all these incredible details. I’m beyond happy with how the photographs turned out. I am grateful to Mercedes and Britany for trusting me as their photographer and I think they were equally pleased with the results.

Visit the portraits gallery to see more photographs of couples and the portraits section of the blog to read posts about other couples. I hope one day I’ll be able to revisit this blog and add a link to future sessions with Mercedes and Britany!

Evidently, LOVE WINS!

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