June 26, 2020

Small Spring Alabama Wedding / Prathyusha and Taylor

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Prathyusha and Taylor planned to have a wedding similar to other weddings with a venue large enough for a hundred or more people, surrounded by those that loved them and wanted to share in such a beautiful and meaningful occasion. And also like many other couples planning their wedding days in 2020, their plans were rocked by a wave of uncertainty when Covid-19 descended. Plans had to change, as plans do sometimes. No one ever really expects such a huge shift though. After much deliberation, a new plan evolved-a small Spring Alabama wedding.

I know it was initially a disappointment to not have the wedding they’d planned for so many months, but I think it was excellently executed. They were able to have a very small, wonderfully intimate ceremony with family members. The weather cooperated and we photographed the entire evening outdoors. It was absolutely one of my favorite weddings I’ve photographed in a while. Being a quiet person who feeds much more from the energy of a small group rather than a large crowd, I was in heaven. With time on our side and no rush of a normal wedding day, I was able to do what I do best-document all the wonderful interactions between the bride and groom and among the family members. It was a gorgeous late afternoon and early evening of wonderful light. What more could I ask for? So, as my heart went out to Prathyusha and Taylor during the re-planning period of their wedding day, I really think in the end, it was perfect!

Life isn’t going to be the same as it was before the virus for quite some time. When faced with adversity, we do what people do-we adapt. I encourage you, if you’re a bride or groom getting married in 2020, to consider downsizing as an alternative. Some of my couple’s have postponed their weddings until next year. Others have downsized, and those that are still a few months away are waiting to see what happens before making any big changes. The important thing is that you’re getting married and isn’t it wonderful to have found someone to spend this crazy, roller coaster life with!

To see other wedding day images, check out the weddings gallery. If you’d like to take a look at more wedding blog posts, please visit this link. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a good number of weddings over the years and each one is different than the last. I look forward to photographing the remaining weddings of 2020 that have hired me. We’ll make beautiful memories no matter what!

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