May 24, 2021

Sensual Spring Portraits in Birmingham | Bang Images

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Choosing the title of a post is always one of the trickiest parts of writing a blog. I love alliteration, so sometimes that’s what I settle on. “They” say to think of something eye catching that entices someone want to click on your post, but the title should also contain relevant key words. Not hard at all, right? Wrong. I think sensual describes the feel of many of these images, although some are just silliness captured; after some deliberation, I share with you, Sensual Spring Portraits in Birmingham.

This photo session was definitely a spring favorite! It was my second time photographing Becki; coincidentally she was one of my last portrait sessions before the pandemic and one of my first after being vaccinated. I think that’s pretty significant; she’s obviously some sort of creativity beacon. I desperately needed both sessions, even though I wasn’t aware of the dry spell to come the first time we photographed together in early 2020!

We met at one of my favorite outdoor locations for photographs. Apparently we chose the perfect time to create together because one week after these were taken, the field had been completely flattened. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it; why would anyone want to mow over such beautiful wildflowers and tall green grass?

Becki is a painter. Getting to work with other creative thinkers is a dream come true! She added wonderful red powder to her eyelids to match the dress with warm, gold accents. I love bold colors, so this couldn’t have been better. And the combination of the red dress with the lush green grass, well, that was worth swooning over! (Red and green are complementary colors!)

It would have been nearly impossible, or at least a four hour session, if we’d covered the entire area of this awesome location, but we did our best to investigate all the wonderful wildflowers, and perfect pockets of light. I hope you enjoyed looking at these sensual spring portraits!

If this post has you considering your own portrait session, let’s plan it! Contact me. Please take a look at the portraits gallery of individuals and other blog posts featuring different portrait sessions. Enjoy the rest of your spring; and may you find your own beautiful field of wildflowers and lush green grass to frolic in.

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