June 8, 2021

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Occasionally I’m invited into a family’s home to photograph them. It’s an honor to be trusted to create such important memories in your most intimate space with your children, pets, and family heirlooms. More often than not, it’s a time to capture family members interacting with one another naturally i.e. playing both indoors and outdoors, sharing toys, reading books, rocking, and even snacking if necessary. It’s very relaxed. There’s enough time for many candid moments to be documented, but also for a few posed images if you’d like.

When photographing indoors, I’ll ask you to identify the rooms in your home that receive the most light. We’ll also discuss the time of day that the light is best. We’ll decide on a time that not only provides the best light in the most optimal spaces of your home, but we’ll also consider naptime (assuming you have small children) and mealtimes. It takes a little observation and conversation to choose the best time for your Family Photos at Home.

It’s a great idea if weather allows to photograph both indoors and outdoors. Taking a blanket for sitting, or just playing on the grass gives everyone an opportunity to get physically close. Nothing beats a good ole’ family pile up! You may have a sandbox, or water table or tiny pool, or swing set. Any of these items could encourage natural play and provide opportunities for great family photographs.

Reading books and playing with your children indoors as if I’m not even there is highly encouraged. These are activities you’d engage in on a normal day. Choose activities that are special to your family. What do you want to remember about your time together as parents and children?

This family had wonderful window light in their living room because of large windows. We spent a great deal of time in this room and often near the windows for the best light. There was a lot of rolling around on the floor, reading, riding Dad and climbing him as if he were a human jungle gym, and sweet cuddle time with Mama too.

As you can see, they made it easy on me! We had a lovely time! The children were in great moods during most of our two-hour photo session, which always helps! I think because they were in their home, surrounded by their toys and books, and family dog, in the environment they know best, they were quite happy. I encourage you to hire a photographer for Family Photos at Home. If you’d like to consider Bang Images, I’d love to help you plan your At-home Session.

There are many family sessions on the blog if you’d like to read more. I look forward to planning your family session!

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