September 12, 2020

Portraits of a Mississippi Man / Quin

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Quin drove all the way from Mississippi to meet me for a portrait session. When I say I was flattered that he’d bother driving 8 hours in a day to have me photograph him, I really mean it! What a compliment! He was an absolute joy to photograph-so much laughter and lightheartedness filled the air. We met in downtown Avondale, which many of you know is a really cool little area in Birmingham. Who doesn’t love Saturn with it’s corrugated metal wall and bright orange doors! And then we walked just a matter of steps to find corrugated orange metal. Stripes and stripes and stripes-yipes! After spending some time at our first location, we drove to a nearby field. We spent our remaining time before sunset there. The bugs nibbled on us at an alarming pace but we persevered. I guess technically we invaded their space! Quin was a natural! And we produced some pretty good portraits of a Mississippi man! Admittedly, I photograph more women than men, but he made it easy. Quin is signed with Lucid Models in Mississippi. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a lot more of him.

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