August 4, 2019

Head Shots with a Twist / Birmingham Photographer / Hillary

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I’m the first to admit that I don’t photograph many head shots…at least not in the traditional sense. If you’re interested in something different, something a little more fun, then maybe we should connect.

Here’s a valuable tip I’ve learned about photography over time; it’s going to sound rather simple, but give it some thought. Your photos will only be as much fun as you are. If you want to convey to others through your photographs that you’re a laugh a minute, but you’re stiff as a board while being photographed, even the best photographer in the world can’t communicate that for you. You have to turn on the charm and flash those pearly whites. Maybe this isn’t your vibe at all, and that’s okay too. I’m a little more reserved myself, but I love the feeling these convey. Hillary really let her happy-go-lucky personality shine! I think she did an awesome job of finding that balance between playful and professional too.


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