September 28, 2018

Clarissa’s Floral Inspired Photo Shoot / Birmingham, AL

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Clarissa was the perfect person for this floral inspired photo shoot. We began by thinking of new and exciting settings for an outdoor photo session. I had heard a lot about in the Forest Park area of Birmingham, Alabama, and loved the idea of photographing among the colorful flowers. Clarissa and I then exchanged a number of messages peppered with snapshots, screenshots, and the like of floral fabrics, dresses, and the lovely garden store, Shoppe. This really started the synapses firing and had me completely fixated on making the theme of our session, FLOWERS! We decided to begin with a floral backdrop in a parking lot, of all places. (I’m all about making things easy and practical.) We met in Homewood where I had my backdrop stands and  a printed quilt ready for photographing. (I always appreciate a peek at behind-the-scenes, so enjoy!)        

We tried a few different backdrops, but our favorite was the first you see-a shower curtain! The second and third backdrops were actually one reversible quilt, an inexpensive find at our local Salvation Army.

After packing away the backdrop and stands, we had over a half hour before the garden shop opened so we decided to do a quick wardrobe change and head to a downtown alley. Can you believe all these wonderful dresses?!?

We arrived at Shoppe and realized (since this was our first visit) that it’s right next door to Naked Art . We were blown away by the array colors and cascading natural beauty all around us! The grounds in front of Naked Art were so impressive, we really weren’t sure where one lot ended and the other began. So, before we walked up the stairs to Shoppe, we took a few minutes to enjoy the flowers literally feet away from our parking spot!

Shoppe has been open a little less than a year and if you’ve not visited, you really must. From its obvious, gorgeous, natural elements to its interior decor, it really is so visually interesting. Even the ceilings and bathroom are something to see; no detail has been forgotten. And the staff was incredibly hospitable. We made sure not to stay too long; interrupting their business was not on my list of things to do that day.

We were so happy with our visit, we purchased a couple of succulents on our way out. (Even I can keep a succulent alive!) It was a wonderful day and such fun creating images with Clarissa during our floral inspired photo shoot!

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