April 6, 2021

Cullman Fall Family Photography | Alabama Photographer

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I hope you enjoy this awesome, Cullman fall family photography post! Sometimes in life there are sweet rewards like ice cream on the way home from school because your child aced a test, or a celebratory adult beverage because you survived the challenges of 2020. Whether we like it or not, we’re a bit Pavlovian in our response to praise. We work hard and we hope it matters. And if it does seem to matter, we keep working hard and think of ways we can be a little better than “the last time,” whatever that may have been. We photographers really feel the love when a client returns or recommends us to someone else. I’ve had the sheer joy of photographing this family twice now. You can see their family session from last year at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

For this session we decided to meet in the city of Cullman, specifically in the historic downtown area. I’d never been and I’m always interested in seeing something new and photographing in a different location. Cullman’s downtown is very quaint so we spent the first few minutes walking along the sidewalks looking in shop windows. The little one loves trains so our next plan was to walk into a pedestrian overpass in hopes of seeing a train. It was such fun watching his excitement grow as the train approached! Within a matter of minutes a very loud, very fast train ran right under us.

We spent a beautiful sunset in this perfect spot, The Hubert Richter Chapel, the tiniest church in Cullman. Although it looks historic, it was built in 1989. The church is never locked and although not an operating church as such, people are welcome to spend thoughtful, quiet time there. The building itself is picturesque, and lucky for us, it’s surrounded by a lovely landscape too.


Family photography is one of my life’s joys! And if I could recreate this Cullman fall family session, I think I would. Documenting their love for one another comes so easily! I hope to be asked to photograph their sweet family again and again.

I encourage you to visit the gallery of family images and read more blogs for family photography enthusiasts! Thank you for your support!

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