May 8, 2020

Creative Portraits in Birmingham / Audrey

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This session was a fun collaboration with another Birmingham creative, Audrey Davis. Audrey is a food stylist and photographer here in Birmingham. She is so talented, truly! You should check out her Instagram.  We’ve worked together before. She was a subject in my colored gels series, which I included photographs from in a blog post you can see here. Our very first shoot together was almost two years ago! Needless to say, we enjoy working together and will likely do it again one day! Collaborating with other creatives really tickles my fancy, as do old, odd idioms!

It was summer, hot, buggy, and beautiful! The sunset through the trees this time of year is stunning. We got together during the pandemic. I wore a mask. She didn’t. We stayed at least six feet apart in an open field. What I remember specifically is that it was incredible getting out of my house, and Audrey impressed me again with her quirky interpretations and willingness to play.

A lot can be said for scouting locations and finding not only the right spot that appeals to you, but the right location at the right time. This field is one I’ve photographed in many times. It’s wonderful for several reasons. One, it’s not far from downtown Birmingham, so easy to get to and a great second location if I have a client scheduled for two hours. Second, it’s secluded without feeling unsafe. Third, I’ve never been bothered by anyone for photographing there, nor have I ever run into another photographer. Fourth, it looks great almost any time of the year.

I’ve found other locations like this before, ones that I love and go back to repeatedly, and then they’ve been bulldozed and constructed. Hopefully, that won’t happen, but if it does, I’ll find another favorite; I always do. But damn you, progress! Please don’t eradicate this gorgeous, wild wonder.

And Audrey, if you’re reading this, get ready for our next collaboration; these wheels are always turning!

Contact me if you’d like to consider a portrait session to visit this field or one like it. I adore wild spaces! Do you?

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