September 13, 2019

Birmingham Family Photographer / Summer is Sensational

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When I say I love this family, I mean, I LOOOOOVE this family! I’ve had the opportunity to photograph them several times and every time is a dream! They help me fulfill my goal as a family photographer. I try to photograph natural interactions among family members. I’m looking for those real exchanges between people- a laugh, a wink, a hug, playfulness. I think that’s what a lot of you want too!

There will be a time during a family session that we’ll try to achieve a somewhat posed photograph too. It won’t ever be stiff and lifeless, at least I hope not! We’re going for REAL, so even when you see an image like the one below of the two little girls, and the younger child is obviously not into being hugged right at the moment, well, I still delivered that image to the family because it’s an honest reaction. I bet that’s a face that they’ve seen her make before. AND I bet it made them laugh to see it in a photo. Let’s not pretend that life is perfect. Let’s love it and all it’s imperfections. I am a family photographer in Birmingham and this was a sensational Summer session!

    Here we are in mid-September and if I had to guess, I’d say most of us here in Alabama are ready for fall. Fall sessions are just around the corner! Cooler mornings and evenings have teased us a little already, but soon they’ll be here to stay.

Sessions for the next few months are scheduling quickly! I have several weekend options in September. October weekends are booked solid. November is booking fast! December is still flexible. I’d love to get you on my calendar! Let’s connect for your family session, individual portrait session or couple’s session.

I’ve photographed this wonderful family a handful of times. Here’s a link to our very first session together in 2017, before they had their second child.

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