March 11, 2019

Birmingham Botanical Gardens / Beautiful Same Sex Maternity Session / Mozee

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So many things make me happy about this maternity session at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. For those of you who love bullet points like I do, I’ll even list them.

  • Babies
    • Who doesn’t love a beautiful pregnant woman anticipating a squishy newborn, especially when you’re not the one carrying it?
  • Love Wins
    • If you’ve followed me at all on social media, you know that I advocate for all love to be recognized equally.
  • Same Sex Maternity Session
    • This is my first, and I’m really excited about it!
  • ¬†Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This sweet family was so excited about the baby soon to enter their lives! We spent a beautiful fall afternoon together creating photographs in a gorgeous, colorful location. There was a little more posing, as is sometimes the case with older children, but we were still able to relay the love they have for one another in a relaxed way.

I urge you to document the important events in your lives. Photography allows us to savor the moments we would ordinarily think of as fleeting; and we get to relive them again and again with each viewing.

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