January 23, 2019

Alabama / Dog Reunion / Orr Park

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I recently received a message from a former client and was asked to photograph the reunion of a dog and its family. In short, the dog was separated from its family and had been treated inhumanely by the person keeping him; in fact, I can’t even share the image of sweet Sven before he was rescued because it’s just that upsetting. Luckily, Sven had been chipped and that’s how the real owners were located once he was rescued. I photographed the family (Mom and two kiddos) as they approached Sven for the first time in almost two years! It was a pretty emotional afternoon. Sven had been nursed back to health with the help of a woman and her children. Everyone was happy, but it was hard to say goodbye to the dog they had saved and grown to love.  We decided to meet at Orr Park in Montevallo because it was a nice halfway point for the two families, only a half hour’s drive for me, and a really magical place for children to play. If you haven’t been to Orr Park, you should certainly visit. Artist and carpenter Tim Tingle has carved many, many animals both realistic and fantastical out of dead trees throughout the park. It’s really something to behold. Some refer to it as Tinglewood. There’s a wonderful online article in B-Metro that tells all about it. http://b-metro.com/the-woodsmen/15576/Before I left, they decided to give Sven his daily treat of a peanut butter sandwich, which he really enjoyed. It was fun to watch the children squeal happily feeding him. This story is a reminder that although there are some really rotten people in the world, there are far more good than evil ones and we’re all happy when love prevails.

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